Monday, May 13, 2013

ADF DataControl Built-in View Operations - Part II

Followed from ADF Data Control built-in view operations I .

1) Execute :

      It will execute the View Object's Query . It Refreshes the data collection . This is similar to

2) ExecuteWithParameters :

     This operation appears only for ADF view objects that have defined one or more bind variables . This  will also execute the view object with the parameter values being passed to the bind variables .

3) setCurrentRowWithKey :

    If ever want to avoid the default selected row of view object and set an any other row as current row , you can do this using setCurrentRowWithKey . Every row in the view object will have a String representation that uniquely identifies a particular row and using that string being passed as a parameter to rowset. If found set that as current row .

Note :  This Method will work only on the collection that has only one key attribute.

3) setCurrentRowWithKeyValue :

          This takes the value for a key attribute , if found set that as current row.

you can access the value of the string key of  a row  by using  rowKeyStr property  (e g:#{row.rowKeyStr})

4) removeRowWithKey :

      If ever want to delete a particular row you can remove that row using removeRowWithKey. The delete operation can be used to delete rows but it will always delete the current row.

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