Thursday, May 9, 2013

Access ADF Bindings from Managed Bean

ADF enables bindings through Oracle ADF Model layer. whenever ADF view layer is created JDeveloper creates data bound client and thus enable the bridge between model and view components to access data .In some cases we may want to access page bindings Programatically from managed bean . Lets see how it can be done.

Look at the screen shot of the page bindings section of a jsff page.

When u drag and drop employee data control on to the page, Bindings section will contain the data control instance and executable section contains Employee Iterator .  For more on information on page bindings ADF Page Bindings .

Now lets see how we can access table bindings from Managed Bean . The Code to access

The same way we can get Iterator bindings too ..


Execution of Operation binding


There are many other bindings exists in ADF and we can access it all via java code.

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