Sunday, November 9, 2014

ADF : Conditional Render in ADF Faces/ Manually creating ADF Table display

Use case :

The Employee of a company fills an online form of resigning reason before leaving the organization.
All these comments/reason submitted by various employees who left the organization will be saved in a separate DB table Job History.

Now the list of employees with the feedback  in the UI looks like this

Note: I am constructing these information as a table format without using ADF Table . The reason is to explain the scenario with more of real time case.

To achieve this we can use af:gridrow that can loop over the rows that the iterator has.

<af:iterator value="#{bindings.JobHistory.collectionModel}"    var="row" id="it2"   >
           //Code to loop over the rows


It just looks like the old jsp code where in the table TR and TD loops over a collection of data.
we generally fix the cell property of the row to fixed to have the limited alignment of the table in the page. The space between each row should be dynamic so that the text in the cells would not get overlapped.

something like this will makes sense

<af:iterator value="#{bindings.JobHistory.collectionModel}"    var="row" id="it2"   >
<af:gridRow id="gr3"height="#{row.comments gt 100 ? '40px' : '20px'}">
 <af:gridCell marginStart="10px" width="100px" id="gc7"       valign="stretch" halign="stretch">
              <af:outputText value="#{row.Name}" id="ot8" noWrap="false"/>
            <af:gridCell marginStart="10px" id="gc9" width="250px"   valign="stretch" halign="stretch">
              <af:outputText value="#{row.comments}" id="ot10"     inlineStyle="word-wrap:break-word" noWrap="false"/>

Also few more EL expressions for the conditional rendering of the ADF Faces components

<af:outputText value="#{ eq 'YES' and eq 'N' ? 'DONE': 'COMPLETED'}"  id="ot3"/>

 <af:outputText value="#{str}" id="ot1" rendered="#{requestContext.flag=='YES'}" />

<af:commandLink id="ci2"     rendered="#{row.flag == 'Y' }"  />

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