Monday, June 18, 2012

How to Create an Oracle ADF Page

Creating a  Sample Oracle ADF Page is quite easy . .  For those who are new to ADF can go through these links and can find a sample application to download here

Once you  downloaded the sample application open jdeveloper > Right click on Applications Navigator and open the AdfDemoApps.jws

Right click on AdfDemoUi project  >  New >  New Gallery  > JSF Page .
Click Ok. Create  JSF Page dialog opens up .

Give the FileName : Sample
Path : Suffix /pages to the existing path as in the screenshot below
Click Ok.

The ADF jspx page is being created and shown in the editor.  

In the Left side to the editor you will see Data Controls section .  All the View Objects which are added to the Application module will be listed according to the hierarchy in the Data Control Section ( how-to-create-adf-application-module) .The Data Controls panel reflects the master-detail hierarchies in your application module data model by displaying detail data collections nested under their master data collection . As you can see EmployeesVO1 Data control under AppModuleDataControl which is a part of  AppModule application module created under model project . whatever the VO instances being added to Application Module will be listed under this section. So drag EmployeesVO1 in to the page we created while ago .  Select Table > ADF Read-Only Table.

You can delete unnecessary columns in the Edit Table Columns dialog . Row selection can also be configured . In the UI page after the page is being displayed you can select a single or multiple rows based on the configuration made here . you can even have this option configured later in the property inspector of the ADF table. Click on

Now the page is created with table data of Employees. Right click on the page and Run

The output is 


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