Sunday, March 4, 2012

How to create ADF Application Module

ADF Application Module 

Step 1:

Right Click on AdfDemoModel  . New Gallery window will open up . Choose as in the below screen shot.

Step 2:
Enter Package : model.applicationmodule , Name : AppModule and click Next .

Step 3:

Expand model.view tree under Available View Objects and shuttle the EmployeesVO to the Data Model area .  A New instance of the EmployeesVO is created . we can create N number of instance of employeesVO when required.Click Next

NOTE : AM can also be created by the time we create VO . (Refer how-to-create-adf-view-objects.html Step10) If you did that so then AM will be created and  automatically an instance of that VO will be added to the AM Data model section. That is direct approach . we can do it in either of the way . Click Next

(Once you  shuttle the VO instance to the right side, it will be displayed in the Data Control Panel . Look at the Data Control section /  first screen shot in this post ADF Data Control )

Step 4 :

Just click Next .

Step 5 :

Optionally you can generate Java classes to add custom behaviour .

Step 6 :

Final look of AM with an instance of VO in it .

We have successfully created AM. Now how does it help ?? Here is the way , you can run an Application Module .  is not it looks good when we see data being retrieved  from DB Table and displayed when we  run AM ??

Right click on the AppModule  under model.applicationmodule and choose run .

Oracle Business Component Browser will open up and do as like in the screen shot .

Thats it !!!!!!!!!!

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