Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Oracle  ADF Architecture

Oracle ADF provides commercial java framework for building enterprise applications . It provides visual and declarative approaches to Java EE Development , It is strongly based on ready to use design strategy and visual rich tools.in simple words we can say, drag and drop the components on to the page and the rest will be taken care by ADF .

Oracle ADF Architecture that follows MVC architecture.

Model Layer - Represents data values
View Layer - This layer contains the UI pages
Controller Layer - It process and determines the navigation,user input processing etc
Business Service Layer - encapsulation of business logic

Advantages of ADF :

1 . Oracle ADF has the flexibility that encourages and supports various technology to use when implementing each of the above said layers.

2. Oracle ADF is flexible.

3. EJB,Toplink,Web-services and many more can be used as ADF model layer.

4. JSP,ADF Faces, Swings and many more can all be used as ADF view Layer.

5. It provides extra-ordinary services like transaction management, ORM ( Object relational mapping ), resource pooling within ADF.

6. Great power of SQL within java objects that connects to any DB.

7. ADF offers AJAX enabled rich UI Components to build web applications

8. we can choose our own style of development when working with ADF either the declarative approach or by editing source code.

9. Performance is assured.

10 .  The look and feel is very rich that primarily distinguish it from legacy applications that used various web technologies .

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